About Us

Carolina Outreach is an established, community-based LLC dedicated to providing confidential, individualized services to individuals in offices across North Carolina. In 2017, Carolina Outreach partnered with Alliance Behavioral Healthcare to create the first Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) in North Carolina.

The INDY Week newspaper describes the BHUC as “the psychiatric version of an urgent care clinic — a destination for patients who may need their medications refilled or want to be seen by a clinician for anxiety or depression, but don’t need to go to the hospital or a higher-level crisis facility.”

Currently, we are the only approved alternative option other than the emergency room for children under the ages of 18 who are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing a crisis episode, or who have run out of medication for their mental health needs.

The Carolina Outreach BHUC’s goal is to provide crisis counseling, safety assessments, medication refills, and connection to further mental health care, thereby reducing emergency room admission rates in North Carolina.

North Carolinians with psychiatric needs seek crisis services through the emergency room at nearly twice the rate of patients in other states. Often these patients end up waiting for hours to be seen, only to be discharged with a week of medications and limited connection to ongoing care. We provide concise, comprehensive access to psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, social workers, and other clinical staff in a safe, respectful environment.

Staff Overview

We are proud of our highly qualified and compassionate professional staff. Our staff has years of experience in the medical and psychological fields and work together to provide services to individuals in a safe environment.

Crenicia Gaunt

BHUC Manager

Crenicia graduated in May 2018 with a master’s degree in social work from North Carolina Central University and joined the BHUC staff in July 2018. She has experience working in the VA Hospital and local shelters in Durham.

Danya Holtzman

Clinician, MA, MSW, LCSWA

Danya has a master’s degree in social work from UNC Chapel Hill. She specialized in integrated health care while in school, and helped to run the SHAC program for two years. She has worked at the BHUC since its inception.

Maggie Palmer

Case Manager, BSW

Maggie has a Bachelor's in Social Work from UNC Wilmington. She has been with the BHUC since May, 2019.

Julia Christy

Clinician, MSW, LCSWA

Julia Christy has a Master's Degree in Social Work from UNC Chapel Hill. Julia has worked closely with Latinx immigrant populations and speaks fluent Spanish. She has been a part of the BHUC since August, 2018.

Dr. Therese Garrett

MD, Medical Director

Dr. Therese Garrett is a psychiatrist board certified in adult and child/adolescent psychiatry. She joined the BHUC in March 2018 and has been Carolina Outreach’s medical director since September 2018. She has specialized experience with trauma/abuse, foster care/adoption, women’s mental health issues, and disaster mental health.

Nevada Storey


Nevada joined the BHUC staff in May 2018. She has experience working for the University of Florida Health clinics and hospitals.

Elzona Patterson


Elzona's bio is coming soon.

Marissa Holsten

Director, LCSW

Marissa has a master’s degree in forensic psychology and social work. She has worked with Carolina Outreach for over 10 years and assisted in the creation of the BHUC in July 2017.